Adobe recently announced a security vulnerability contained in Adobe Flash versions prior to the current version of Adobe Flash versions prior to version have a known security hole allowing the ransomware, Cerber to infect a client system. This ransomware will encrypt the files on a user’s hard drive and prevent access to the files by the user due to the encryption of the files, effectively holding them hostage from the user. Criminal organizations worldwide use such tactics to maliciously infect computers/networks and require a ransom fee to be paid to regain access to the encrypted files. This is often a ruse to obtain money from desperate users.

The solution to reduce chances of becoming infected is to update Adobe Flash Player to version or higher.

Windows 10 users should already be protected from this threat as the Flash Player is built into Internet Explorer. However, the threat may still exist if Flash is used with other browsers.

Systems under management by jmrDesign LLC should already be protected from this threat.