IT professionals know the damage that malware can cause, but everyday users are often unaware of the security threats lurking on the web, in their email and on their smartphones.

Even the best malware defense can be rendered useless due to careless user behavior. To defend against data breaches, it’s critical that users understand the security threats and cybercrime tactics they face.

User training is a best practice used by organizations of all sizes to bolster their cyber defense. jmrDesign LLC is pleased to share the following information provided by ThreatTrack Security in order to help educate users to understand the critical role they play in preventing data breaches.

Although the tips offered in this article focus on user behavior, it is also important to have an effective security solution in place on user systems. jmrDesign LLC offers Managed Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware services using the VIPRE technology provided by ThreatTrack Security.

Download the article to read the details of the following 10 Tips:
1. Understand Cybercrime and Malware
2. Be Difficult to Catch
3. Resist Your Curiosity
4. Browse with Care
5. Don’t be Exploited
6. Watch for Malware in Disguise
7. Back it Up
8. Stay Safe While Mobile
9. Don’t be a Carrier
10. Avoid Friendly Threats

Make your computing life less dangerous; read the article.